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Readers comments from Bibiotastic

On “A Gay Humanist Manifesto”

29/5/11 Hey serious stuff but well thought out and well argued. I wonder about the section of the quotes cos I think u are also arguing a bigger picture of theories of evolution. But way to go and hope u find fulfilment in life :) - “yeomanie”

Comments: I really enjoyed your story…..very gay positive and somewhat realistic….the characters are did a great job bringing them to life.- dandress1

Dear Alan,
You’re a real story-teller—with the skill to say exactly what you want with exactly the right number of the most apt words so that the reader has no feeling that he is reading, more experiencing the situation. I’m an impatient reader and skip over descriptions and details to get to the plot. Yet this story has no obvious plot. It’s simply a few years in the life and loves of a thirty-something man with whom I’d probably not have much in common. Not the sort of thing that would normally hold my interest. And yet I read every word about the daily life of this somewhat priggish fellow. I did decide to stop reading after his reaction when he learned about Tom’s past, but then was drawn back and read on, and I’m glad I did. As you write: ‘Families are just the result of basic animal instinct…dressed up as some kind of morally sound purpose in life…..[but] how many would you volunteer to be in? So true, so true. As you say, better to live with friends with whom you have things in common than be tied to people simply because you’re related. Thanks for a very satisfying and pleasant read. - Rigby

Great read. The characters are so well depicted that you actually feel they are known to you. Good flowing story, easy to read. - a6spd